Introducing the New BindTuning App

We’ve built up a loyal customer base by making SharePoint intranet design and development easy. Then we extended that same thinking to Microsoft Teams. Now we’ve made building and maintaining your company’s digital workplace easier than ever with our new BindTuning App.

The BindTuning App

Starting this week, you’ll find some changes in your BindTuning account. It has undergone a major upgrade. Easier than ever before to design, build and get started in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Our new BindTuning App does more than manage your account, it is the hub for everything you need for your digital workplace. One, unified experience for the admin behind the scenes who is building a unified experience for their users.

BindTuning App

Check out what’s new

Self-service provisioning is at the heart of our new app. Not separately priced, but integrated into all our products. Deploying products is no longer referred to as Clutch (the noun), but it is still clutch (the verb) in that it is so easy to deploy, update and maintain every BindTuning product. Get Seamless INSTALLATION of all Office 365 Themes, Web Parts, Microsoft Teams Apps and our Starter Kits (formerly called templates).


New Subscription Plan. Flexible pricing plans giving you easier access to just the features you need. Need to design and build? Extend functionality to Teams? Or maybe jump start with a Starter Kit. Each plan allows you to add or remove products as your needs define. Priced separately, giving you the flexibility to build and GROW your solution.

Unlimited Themes. Unlimited edits. Yep, you heard me right. Our Design subscription gives you access to not just one, but ALL themes and the capability to change them as often as you want. Complete design freedom!

Microsoft Teams Add-On. Get a unified experience across your entire workplace, including Microsoft Teams when you add Teams to your Build subscription. So easy to manage within the app, simply add it when you are ready. Repeatable, structured starter kits are coming soon, too. Pre-packaged scenarios with sample tabs, theme and demo content you can build on.

Get Started Today

The BETA BindTuning App is available right now. Simply log in or create an account to get started. Sign up for news to get alerts from us on new products, webinars and helpful tricks and tricks. If you need any assistance, our team is available to help out!

5 tips for internal adoption of your Intranet

Driving intranet adoption is ultimately the goal of every intranet. Your intranet can act as a perfect hub for your employees searching for the latest business updates, breaking news, technology advancements, product upgrades, service enhancements, employee certifications & motivations.

#1 Make the intranet personal

The saying “One size fits all” is not suitable for your own intranet. Not all the employees want to read about the same topics or view the same content on their feed. Therefore, having your intranet personalized to their preferences will drive employee’s engagement.

Below are some ways to help you with it:

  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Tailored employee workspaces
  • Customizable employee profiles
  • Open company message boards.
  • The option of following colleagues
  • Employee status updates

Learn how we created a Future-Proof Intranet for Super Bock with Employee Feedback.

#2 Make intranet adoption easy

Intuitive navigation

Your global navigation should easily direct employees to the primary areas of your intranet with ease and clarity. The traditional “department-oriented navigation” may not be the best option. Often employees don’t know which department is responsible for the task they’re trying to accomplish. You can facilitate navigation by adding “skill centers” or organizing by employee’s needs.

Additionally, navigation must be consistent. Ensure that main navigation remains the same, both in structure and look and feel, even across departments. This will create a fast learning curve, and users will always know how to navigate the intranet.

Accurate intranet search

This can be done with one-click search filters, visual preview displays of search results (Search-term suggestion queries right below the search box while users are typing) and advanced intranet options to customize searches.

Interactive tutorials

Very often we assume that once your new product goes live, it will be easy to navigate it. From the creator perspective it is because you worked with in every step. But for someone that’s seeing it for the first time it might be a great help to have some tutorials. Start with a small explanation of how to work with the intranet and where they can always go to, whenever they have doubts in how to navigate it.

Get your employees involved

To create an intranet that mirrors users needs, what better than having feedback from the actual users? Improve their user experience by involving them during the creative process. In the homepage, add a survey to gather suggestions. You may be surprised by the ideas on how to improve the overall experience, so make sure to integrate valid feedback. Employee’s engagement is crucial for good internal communication. For that, you must listen to their concerns and improvement ideas.

#3 Make your intranet your employees work hub

Make the intranet the “go-to resource”. The centralized library for all approved documents and every daily assigned tasks. With an intranet, it is easy to share specific project details, get quick status updates and communicate the same to everyone on the team for rapid project understanding and delivering.
Boost intranet adoption and build a strong organizational culture and transform your platform into an essential business solution with vibrant and rewarding user experiences.

BindTuning and City of Kirkland

Read one of our Successful Customer Stories. City of Kirkland Creates User-Friendly Site, to Improve How Citizens and Employees Connect and Collaborate.

#4 Make your digital workplace collaborative

Engaged employees are a company’s most valuable asset. When employees feel valued for their contribution, they are more motivated and definitely more productive. But, the bigger the workforce, the harder it is to recognize individual achievements.

It’s the digital reflection of your workplace: a place to be seen and hear where contributions are rewarded and engaged employees spread their passion.

#5 Make the intranet fun!

Incorporating FUN into your intranet is simple. And there are so many ways to engage employees and improve intranet adoption. For example: to share company events, employee travel photos, news and other updates.

Introduce a reward and recognition scheme where employees can recognize their colleagues’ achievements. They could do it with digital badges that can be redeemed towards awards and incentives.

Our extensive offer of pre-templated workplaces – ready to deploy in less than 10 minutes – along with our subscription plans, can be the solution for your intranet. All very easy to maintain with a team ready to support you in every step.

Start your Journey today! Learn how to create a truly modern digital workplace, transforming employees’ daily activities while driving employee engagement and employee productivity.

Schedule a ½ hour consultation

We cannot wait to hear from you.

BindTuning creates a Future-Proof Intranet for Super Bock Group | The Record Magazine

The Summer 2019 issue of The Record is officially out! We are very excited to be featured along with industry’s leaders on Microsoft technology. The site covers industry trends, product launches, customer wins and event news.

Read how, Super Bock Group’s solution to create a central hub of their communications strategy for their SharePoint On-Premises is Better together with BindTuning.

We will be attending Microsoft Inspire 2019, in Las Vegas. Stop by, meet our team and get to know more about Automate365, the latest BindTuning solution.

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How to manually edit a SharePoint wsp file

Today, one of our most-read blog posts gets an update. MVP Joao Ferreira offers a new method (and free software!) to manually modify a WSP file, eliminating the hassles of adware pop-ups.


Over the years, I’ve received feedback about adware being added to computers during the installation process of the third-party software. I recently tried to install this software and my antivirus automatically popped up saying that the file was not safe. To eliminate this issue for good, I have built a specific application to repackage all the files inside of the WSP solution.

New WSP Repackage Software

A WSP is nothing more than a CAB file that contains a few XML files linking to the resources that will be copied to SharePoint. CAB files can be easily opened with a zip tool like 7zip but most software does not compress files in the CAB format.

Tip: If you don’t use third-party compressors you can rename your WSP and change the extension to ZIP, this way you will be able to extract the files using Windows built-in compressor tool.

The WSP Repackage is easy to use, you just need to select the folder where all the files are located, select the output directory and provide the name to the WSP file, in a matter of seconds the compressed WSP solution will be ready.

SharePoint WSP Repackage

The WSP Repackage will only compress the files. If you want to add or remove files to the solution, make sure that you reference them in the XML files otherwise they might be ignored when you deploy the solution or you can get an activation error.

A tool like this is useful in scenarios where you need to edit a solution or web part and you don’t have access to the Visual Studio project.

Tip: Errors are common when editing a WSP Solution, if you leave the WSP Repackage open while testing you only need to click repackage to generate a new WSP.

How can this be useful with BindTuning Themes?

If you want to apply a CSS change to a theme and have several site collections where the theme is installed the fastest way to do it is to modify the WSP, instead of manually modifying the CSS using the SharePoint designer for each site collection. Of course, this is only relevant for Classic SharePoint themes, as our new themes settings panel for Modern themes makes CSS advanced coding effortless. Learn more about it here.

I made this software open source and you can have access to the entire project from GitHub. Here are the links to the software and solution:

Download WSP Repackage
Explore Solution on GitHub

Meet BindTuning Partners: Prosperi

We had the opportunity to speak to (and record) a few of our BindTuning Partners at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. With our BindTuning Partners Program, we are able to help clients around the world capitalize on their technology investments to strategically transform their intranet into a dynamic modern digital workplace. Let us introduce you to Prosperi, headquartered in Brazil.

Leonardo Nogueira, CEO of Prosperi and Rogério de Souza Murari, Chief Project Officer of Prosperi

Prosperi is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their end-to-end Project Management Lifecycles, to drive business results for the modern workplace. Headquartered in Brazil and with an office in the United States, Prosperi is positioned to serve the needs of multi-national corporations. An award-winning Microsoft Partner, Prosperi solutions are based on the proven Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) platform and have been developed and stress-tested based for hundreds of clients since 1993.

“BindTuning helps us accelerate user adoption by using UX on SharePoint and the project online. BindTuning products are really quick to implement and customers like that because the ROI is so good.”

Leonardo Nogueira, CEO Prosperi on the BindTuning Partnership

Learn more about the BindTuning Partner Program.

Prosperi (Brazil)
End-to-End Project Management Lifecycles
Microsoft Gold Partner: Collaboration and Content, Portfolio and Project Management
Microsoft Silver Partner: Cloud Productivity
Microsoft Partner of the Year in Latin America for Portfolio and Project Management (2012, 2017, 2018)
Microsoft Worldwide Finalist in the category of Portfolio and Project Management (2012, 2017, 2018)

Meet BindTuning Partners: Hermec Solutions, S.A.

We had the opportunity to speak to (and record) a few of our partners at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. With our BindTuning Partners Program, we are able to help clients around the world capitalize on their technology investments to strategically transform their intranet into a dynamic modern digital workplace. Let us introduce you to Hermec Solutions, S.A. headquartered in Panama City, Panama.

Carlos Mendoza, CEO of Hermec Solutions

Over 15 years of experience in project planning, execution web application analysis, Hermec Solutions is a leader in Central America for design and development in SharePoint, Project Server, and mobile software development. Hermec Solutions creates an interactive friendly workflow interface along with existing applications, providing you with an efficient and valuable solution.

“We have more than two years making beautiful intranets with BindTuning. Before we had to invest a lot of time with the designing. We can make the implementation for design much faster and it has been great.”

Hermec Solutions on the BindTuning Partnership

Learn more about the BindTuning Partner Program.

Hermec Solutions, S.A. (Panama)
Specialized in IT Managed Services and Systems Integration
2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year – Collaboration and Content LATAM (Latino América and Caribbean)

Modern SharePoint Intranet in 3 steps: Brand, Build, Deploy

Brand, build and deploy. These three steps can transform your Office 365 + SharePoint on-prem environment into a richly branded and modern SharePoint intranet site. We bring the website builder experience to the SharePoint + Office 365 business world with our suite of products that simplify the customization of your intranet, without heavy coding. Let’s walk through the BindTuning product line and our pricing plans.

Brand a Modern SharePoint Intranet

If you are looking to brand your modern SharePoint intranet site and improve its attractiveness and usability, start with a theme. Visit our themes gallery and dive down into one of over 25 colorful and customizable designs.

BindTuning Modern SharePoint Themes

Our cost-effective themes are packaged with all the assets you see in the preview. All the assets in a theme are HTML and while they do require cutting and pasting code, they are very easy to implement. If you need help with the code, just ask us how – we’re here to help!

What do you get?

  • Customization using our Builder tool
  • HTML assets are easy to implement and customize
  • 2 months of support
  • Updates at no additional cost
  • Optional support contract
  • Multi-theme pricing
  • Subscription plan available

Build a Modern SharePoint Intranet

Looking for elevated functionality you can build on with no coding? Add web parts. The perfect no-code solution to empower teams that want their content to be consumed – Marketing, HR, Corporate Communications — even the C-Suite.

BindTuning Modern SharePoint Web Parts

Fully customizable components to filter documents, rotate industry news, display and color-code calendars, launch videos, present company directories and even give users up to the minute local weather are pre-built and at your fingertips.

List library driven, our web parts don’t require any HTML or coding experience. Our web parts are sold in a bundle – the Office Suite Bundle. As we roll out new products and as Microsoft pushes out new changes – you don’t have to worry about what’s coming next for your modern SharePoint intranet!

What do you get?

  • Office Suite Bundle – 13+ web parts and growing.
  • One Theme plus ADFS compatible theme
  • Auto Hide and Parallax Tools
  • Classic and Modern SharePoint
  • Updates at no additional cost
  • Yearly and multi-year support plans
  • Priced by end user (same as Office 365)

Deploy a Modern SharePoint Intranet

Looking for self-serve IT? Want to accelerate the delivery of your intranet? Let us introduce you to Clutch, a desktop app that allows you to provision richly designed modern SharePoint intranet sites and pages with just a couple of clicks. The Clutch provisioning engine allows IT to allot the building and approval of pages and team sites to the groups and departments that need them most.

BindTuning Modern SharePoint Clutch Provisioning Engine

Pre-configured page and site templates are included with each subscription of Clutch. Simply select your template and pick the location of your site. Clutch does the rest. Have a specific page you are looking to build? Clutch has you covered. Looking to refresh a group or a department site? Grab a new layout and away you go. Now you understand why we call it Clutch!

What do you get?

  • Choose from 3 plans – Starter, Accelerator or Enterprise
  • Hundreds of industry specific, pre-designed Templates
  • Purchase additional Templates on demand
  • Yearly and multi-year support plans
  • Priced per Admin user

Go ahead and give our products a test-drive for 30 days free or if you prefer, let us take the wheel and schedule a private demo.

Pre-Release Demo Session – BindTuning Provisioning Engine

BindTuning SPFx SharePoint Office365 BindTuning Provisioning Engine

Spend more time delivering and less time configuring Office 365

The anticipation for BindTuning Provisioning Engine 1.0 has been overwhelming and we invite to join us for a live 30-minute pre-release demo session  where we’ll unveil  the new desktop app from BindTuning.

See for yourself how easy it is to deliver fully functional and richly designed intranets and portals. Integrated with Office 365, the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app provisions pre-configured web parts, themes, tools and pre-configured business templates automatically – without writing a single line of code.

Join us! Pre-Release Demo: BindTuning Provisioning Engine Desktop App

During the demo, we’ll show the power of the app by deploying a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Activity Hub for Office 365. Setting up your own GDPR Activity Hub can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. BindTuning makes it easy. With the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app, you can deploy every component of the GDPR Activity Hub – an open source starter kit in one single step.

Make sure you tune in to get a guided tour of the new BindTuning Provisioning Engine and see firsthand the speed in which our new templates can help you tackle your pressing business needs, such as GDPR compliance. We’ll answer your questions immediately following the demo, so you can get started with confidence as soon as it is released.

Wednesday, February 28th – 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM UTC

Save the date
Or join the live session here

Quick links Web Part for SPFx is here!

Today, we’re announcing the release of the SPFx-ready version of the Quick Links web part. That means you can now easily display custom links in both classic and modern sites.

You can pretty much add any custom link to the page, with an endless list of icons and an option to add custom images. You can even choose what links you want to show to a specific user or group, thanks to its advanced targeting options!

I already added my custom links to SharePoint Modern Experience with the new SPFx-ready version and it’s looking amazing. I can now have all my links in a single place, right where I need them. :)

BindTuning SPFx Web Part SharePoint Framework Quick Links

Watch the demo video for more details on this new release.

Get it today

If you have an active subscription – even a trial one – the new version is available right now in your account in the “My Downloads” area. As a subscriber, you get access to all the web parts we release, right in your account for immediate use.

Simply log into your account and navigate to the “My Downloads” page.

Read full instructions here

I’m not a subscriber, how can I get the new SPFx-ready version of Quick Links?
You can request a free trial subscription at and get access to the complete library of 12 web parts, including Quick Links and the new SPFx-ready version. Contact us today, to get started using Quick Links for SPFx.

Weather Web Part – weather forecast, right where you need it

The new Weather Web Part is about to give your SharePoint intranet a serious upgrade!

Launching today, the new Weather Web Part for SharePoint and Office 365 gives your users the convenience of their local weather forecast, right where they need it. With complete and customizable weather information for each user regardless of their location.

Watch the live demo and find out more about the new Weather Web Part.

And that’s not all!

Available for the SharePoint Modern Experience
Weather Web Part is also available for the Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFx) experience. That means you can easily display weather information on both classic and modern sites.

Complete daily weather information
With a world clock, Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings, weather averages/extremes, plus a 6-day forecast, Weather is a powerful web part for SharePoint.

Shows weather info based on your location
With Weather, you can type in a city or ask it to detect your location. With a single click, Weather can track your exact location and display the weather information accordingly. That’s some serious upgrade!

Advanced weather integrations
Weather’s advanced integrations with Yahoo! Weather (Free) and Weather Underground allows you to display vital weather information with incredible accuracy.

A layout for every season
You get to choose from a variety of layouts, from simple to bold, tiny to wide and have the right modern weather layout for your modern SharePoint intranet while providing your users a truly modern experience.

How can I get the new Weather Web Part?

Glad you asked. To get your hands on the new Weather web part you need to:

Have an active subscription? If you have an active subscription – even a trial one – the new web part is available right now in your account in the “My Downloads” area. As a subscriber, you get access to all of the web parts we release, right in your account for immediate use.

Don’t have a subscription? Request a free trial subscription at and get access to the complete library of 12 web parts, including the new Weather Web Part. You can also request a free demo with one of our SharePoint experts.