News Web Part now with Audience Targeting

The latest release of BindTuning News Web Part for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, features audience targeting. Now it is easier than ever before to target individual news articles to specific individuals or groups.

The News Web Part now gives you more options for your content than what is available “out-of-the-box”. With audience targeting, you have the option of targeting each news article, ensuring that content is properly filtered to users and groups.

News Audience Targeting

You can also choose how you want news to appear on the page. Select one of the numerous layouts available, from basic cards displaying bold titles to a smooth gradient. Change the news title, add a paragraph to your news summary or choose content from a completely different list – you have the control.

News Web Part

The News Web Part is part of our Build feature, a subscription plan that includes 19 web parts for SharePoint. It is optionally available for use as Apps for Microsoft Teams. Simply add it to a tab in Teams and the same filtered news is available to users and groups there, too.

News App for Microsoft Teams

News Web Part with Audience Targeting Available Now

Audience targeting is available now, in release of the News Web Part for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Everything you need to upgrade your web part and start targeting news to your audience is available in our documentation. If you are not yet a customer, a 30-day trial is available, too. We invite you to schedule a quick call with Leny Ocanto. She will help you guide you through your BindTuning 30-day trial.

The New BindTuning App: Video Tour & FAQs

The new BindTuning App is live, and we understand that you may need some assistance navigating through some of the new features. Francisca Peixoto, BindTuning Customer & Partner Success Manager, gives you a quick tour of the new app and we’ve lined up your top questions here. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out directly to our team – we’re here to help!

BindTuning App Video Tour


Where did my Themes go?

Don’t worry – they are there! Themes are now part of our Design feature. If you previously purchased a perpetual theme license, it will remain as such. Existing themes can be found in your Account under the Design section, in the My Themes tab. There are no changes to your existing licensing, however if you subscribe to our new Design feature, you will get greater access to a wider range of design capabilities – beyond just one theme. Unlimited themes and unlimited customizations!

What will happen if I don’t renew my theme subscription?

If you decide that you do not wish to renew your theme subscription with us, then that theme licensing will be expired and the BindTuning products will be uninstalled and removed from your environment. Please contact our team with any questions about licensing.

Where is the Themes Gallery?

The themes gallery is now available within the BindTuning App. Simply log in and navigate to the Design tab where you’ll see the entire Themes Gallery. Select the design you would like to start with and either install it as it is or customize it to match your brand using BindTuning no-code customizer. When you are ready, it will show as your own in the “My Themes” tab.

Can I purchase more perpetual licenses?

As of November 27, 2019, new perpetual licenses have been discontinued. All new themes require a Design Feature subscription, which gives you unlimited themes and unlimited customizations.

Have questions?, chat with us. We’re here to help!

Will I be able to renew my Enterprise Intranet subscription?

Yes, customers with existing Enterprise Intranet plans (which include 1 Theme customization/year + 1 web part subscription) may opt to renew their previous plan or be upgraded to the Design + Build subscription. Terms & Conditions apply.

Have questions?, chat with us. We’re here to help!

Can I still trial Themes?

Absolutely and it’s easier than ever before! Each account has one, 30-day design trial during which you can try ANY and ALL of the themes as you need. There is a 30-day limit, so be sure to try as many themes as you like during that period of time.

Have questions?, chat with us. We’re here to help!

What about Clutch, Provisioning Engine?

Deploying products is easier than ever before using our BindTuning Deployment. The Clutch desktop app is still available for download from the BindTuning App and you should still use it for automatic deployment of BindTuning products for on-prem environments (including SharePoint 2019!) and for installation of custom templates.

How do I deploy products if I am an on-prem customer?

If you are an on-prem customer, you will be prompted during the installation of any and all products to utilize the desktop provisioning application to complete the installation process. You will be prompted to install it but once installed, it will automatically open ready to deploy your chosen products.

Have questions?, chat with us. We’re here to help!

I had purchased a web parts subscription – where can I find it?

Your Web Parts are now available within the Build Feature. Simply log in and navigate to the Build tab. If you have an active web part subscription, you’ll see all your Web Parts listed there and ready to deploy!

Are there changes to my Web Parts subscription?

There are no changes to the licensing for Web Parts, except that Teams is now separately priced as a Teams add-on to the Build Feature. Soon a Teams tab will be available within the BindTuning app, enabling you to start a trial of the Teams add-on.

Have questions?, chat with us. We’re here to help!

What are Starter Kits?

Starter Kits are what was previously known as Templates, but they’ve been rebranded and are FREE for existing users with active Design and Build feature licenses. BindTuning Starter Kits are ready-to-launch, packaged scenarios with sample pages and demo content that feature our themes and web parts. In a few clicks you’ve got a repeatable scenario to use over and over again.

The new Design and Build subscriptions and changes to the BindTuning App make the Starter Kits so easy to install! If you have an active Design and Build feature licenses, go ahead and deploy your first starter kit, in one single step. If you are not currently an active subscriber, we will automatically generate a 30-day trial for you. Starter Kits for Teams are coming soon – look for an announcement from us very soon!

Where are the Teams Apps?

Soon to be released, look for a Teams Icon in the navigation bar of the BindTuning App soon!

Do I need Build subscription?

Yes, to unlock Teams Add-on you must have the Build subscription. Teams is tied to SharePoint so you need to have the Build subscription prior to using Teams Apps.

Is there anything else new in the BindTuning App I should know about?

We’ve not only made changes to the features and subscription plans but we made it easier to get the support you need within the app. Here are a few helpful changes:

  • Quick access to the Help Center from the Navigation bar – all the information you need to successfully use BindTuning products.
  • New Chat directly from the App!
  • Check support ticket history and other useful account information – subscription, invoices, etc.
  • Coming soon! Teammates. One account, but multiple users. Now your coworkers can work as a Design Team, share products and delegate admin permissions!

Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Introducing the New BindTuning App

We’ve built up a loyal customer base by making SharePoint intranet design and development easy. Then we extended that same thinking to Microsoft Teams. Now we’ve made building and maintaining your company’s digital workplace easier than ever with our new BindTuning App.

The BindTuning App

Starting this week, you’ll find some changes in your BindTuning account. It has undergone a major upgrade. Easier than ever before to design, build and get started in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Our new BindTuning App does more than manage your account, it is the hub for everything you need for your digital workplace. One, unified experience for the admin behind the scenes who is building a unified experience for their users.

BindTuning App

Check out what’s new

Self-service provisioning is at the heart of our new app. Not separately priced, but integrated into all our products. Deploying products is no longer referred to as Clutch (the noun), but it is still clutch (the verb) in that it is so easy to deploy, update and maintain every BindTuning product. Get Seamless INSTALLATION of all Office 365 Themes, Web Parts, Microsoft Teams Apps and our Starter Kits (formerly called templates).


New Subscription Plan. Flexible pricing plans giving you easier access to just the features you need. Need to design and build? Extend functionality to Teams? Or maybe jump start with a Starter Kit. Each plan allows you to add or remove products as your needs define. Priced separately, giving you the flexibility to build and GROW your solution.

Unlimited Themes. Unlimited edits. Yep, you heard me right. Our Design subscription gives you access to not just one, but ALL themes and the capability to change them as often as you want. Complete design freedom!

Microsoft Teams Add-On. Get a unified experience across your entire workplace, including Microsoft Teams when you add Teams to your Build subscription. So easy to manage within the app, simply add it when you are ready. Repeatable, structured starter kits are coming soon, too. Pre-packaged scenarios with sample tabs, theme and demo content you can build on.

Get Started Today

The BETA BindTuning App is available right now. Simply log in or create an account to get started. Sign up for news to get alerts from us on new products, webinars and helpful tricks and tricks. If you need any assistance, our team is available to help out!

New! Track Stock Funds with Stocks Ticker Web Part

We’re pleased to announce that stock funds can now be tracked using the Stocks Ticker Web Part!

Available today for immediate download, our Stocks Ticker web part now supports the tracking of stock or equity/mutual funds in addition to stock market conditions. This feature was one of the top requested feature from our user community for the web part. so our team has implemented support for funds in the latest release. Real-time trading information provided from either IEX or World Trading Data can easily be displayed on your company intranet or on a Microsoft Teams tab.

Track and monitor market conditions that are relevant to your business. It’s easy to add funds using our simple settings panel.

Learn More

Available now. Be sure to sign in to your BindTuning account to download the latest update for Stocks Ticker. Learn more about the Stocks Ticker Web Part, one of 19+ web parts from BindTuning or schedule a demo with our team.

Goodbye Skype for Business, Hello Microsoft Teams

On Tuesday, July 30 Microsoft announced that Skype for Business will be retired and replaced by Microsoft Teams. For some maybe a surprise, but for others not so much…

Skype for Business Meme

By the time you read this, you’ve probably heard the news: Skype for Business has gotten the golden handshake. For some of you, this news doesn’t change a thing – you retired use of Skype for Business months ago. Yet for others all it does is reinforce what you already knew – it is time to move on and Microsoft Teams is officially the new kid in town. For existing Skype for Business users it seems like a long way away – July 31, 2021.

So why should you care now?

Teams not only does what Skype for Business does, but the best part is that it is fully integrated into Office 365 and driving a new way of working within companies that have already made the shift. Like us. We’ve adopted Teams into our organization in ways we never imagined. Initially we jumped between Slack, Skype and Teams communications. But, our ability to collaborate in Teams became so powerful, it was obvious those other apps had reached their “use-by” date. “Can we move this meeting to Teams?” became the norm and now it’s the first place we go for team communications.

Microsoft Teams, better together with BindTuning

It was a no-brainer to extend our entire product line to Teams. And because of the way we build our products, Teams is included at no additional cost with every Enterprise Intranet subscription. Our provisioning engine makes deployment to Office 365, SharePoint and to Microsoft Teams really smooth. Web parts, themes and pre-configured templates are all easy to install, scale and maintain current.

Team Directory in Microsoft Teams

Install our web parts for SharePoint Online and you automatically make them available for use in Teams giving your users a unified, consistent experience that goes way beyond what is available by default, out of the box.

Try building team directory in Skype for business? Display images from your last trade show in Skype? The same look and feel you have in SharePoint is mirrored in Teams where users spend the bulk of their workday. Where the data is stored isn’t relevant. Giving users easy access to it is!

See it for yourself. Microsoft Teams is better together with BindTuning. Joao Ferreira, our SharePoint Team leader gives you a tour of our products fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. Check it out here:

Goodbye Skype for Business, hello Microsoft Teams and BindTuning

Retirement may be a few years away, but today is the day to start looking ahead. Confidence in Teams is the driving force behind Microsoft’s announcement yesterday. And the studies and resources and sheer buzz in the industry is all you need to know that this makes good practical business sense.

Schedule a ½ hour consultation with our experts to learn more about BindTuning for Microsoft Teams.

Display your Social Media in SharePoint

It’s a glorious day for corporate communications and marketing managers! Today, I am happy to introduce you to our latest feature for SharePoint – the Social Web Part and our Social Hub Template.

Go ahead and gather up all your social feeds – Twitter, Yammer, Instagram and even Pinterest – and drop them on any SharePoint page with our latest web part – Social. You control how they look – choose how many Tweets to show, display Facebook events, friends, even your Facebook cover photo.

“We just installed it today and our Marketing Department loves it, great work!” – Brian Zwart, IT Manager, American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Adding social feeds with Social Web Part requires no coding. Simply enter your profile, display settings into the web part panel and it’s live on your site. So easy, anyone can set it up in a matter of minutes.

The Social Web Part is available now in both the Enterprise Intranet and Enterprise Intranet + Automation subscription plans. Our subscription plans entitle you to new product updates (like Social) as soon as we roll them out. Take it for a 30-day spin. Simply open a BindTuning account to get started!

But wait…there’s more!

Starting today, we are making available at no additional charge, the Social Media Hub Template – a very cool starter kit, designed specifically for your social media needs for both Modern and Classic SharePoint.

Social Hub in Modern SharePoint

Give your users a complete snapshot of your company’s social media presence on one, beautifully designed page. Drop in YouTube and other videos using our Responsive Video web part. With the Social Hub page template, your social media presence will be shared with your entire organization in less time than it takes to get your morning coffee and blueberry scone (yes, I’m hungry).

Social Hub in Classic SharePoint

Get the Social Hub Template NOW

Download the Social Hub Template by simply creating an account on ALL of our templates are available to you for no charge, including the Social Hub. After you create your account, simply navigate to the “My Downloads” tab and go to Templates. There you’ll find Social Hub and all our free templates that will give you a jump start on your intranet. Deployed in minutes, using our provisioning engine.

BindTuning Themes get a Modern SharePoint UX facelift

Take the tour →

The all-new Theme Settings Panel

It’s a beautiful day for BindTuning themes! We’ve overhauled the themes settings panel, creating intuitive controls designed to align to the conventional look of Modern SharePoint. Let’s take a closer look at the new features and see how it will benefit you.

UX tool gets a new UX

Our top selling UX tool gets a new UX! Open up the settings panel and you’ll immediately notice the panel is now on the right side of the page, following the Modern SharePoint convention. While you are working on the theme design, you can detach the panel and move it around, like a window on your OS. You can also dock it, similar to what the customizer does, to reveal the whole page. Oh, and did we mention there’s a dark mode?

BindTuning Theme Settings Panel

Real-Time Troubleshooting

BindTuning has taken a leap forward not only in the look but also in the validation process. Users can analyze, validate and troubleshoot potential set-up problems in real-time. A new ‘Additional Files’ section checks the kind of file you are adding and attempts to fetch it, ensuring the file actually exists. How’s that for a heads up?

New Navigation Provider

To make the navigation more flexible and feature-rich we’ve created our own navigation provider. This allows us to bring the tried and true robustness of our BindMENU 2.0 (in full production for Classic themes for the last 2 years) to the Modern environment.

Why did we do this? We noticed that when using term set navigation in Modern pages (inherited from a parent site) there could be some strange results. To get around this problem you can now define the term set you want to use directly into the new settings panel. Completely bypassing SharePoint’s navigation provider gives you an additional layer of flexibility. Of course, you can always revert to the old “legacy” provider, but you won’t be able to access all the navigation features provided by BindMENU 2.0 when using it.

BindTuning Theme Settings Panel

User-friendly Shortcuts

To give the user easy access to all information, we’ve added shortcuts to the panel where you can quickly click thru to your theme documentation, changelog, product licensing and to your BindTuning account (My Account). You’ll also get a visual notification when your theme has an update, along with a direct link where you can regenerate and download it. We plan to extend this area in the future, further bridging the gap between our site and the products, creating a unified experience where we can use the power of our platform to feed relevant information right to you.

BindTuning New Theme Settings Panel

Advanced Coding (for developers)

As a fellow developer, it would be fair to say that I feel we’ve made the greatest strides with our advanced section. The Modern experience has opened the window of possibilities but closed the door of flexibility to developers. Unless you’re willing to use the SPFx framework to create a custom web part or extension, you really have no way of changing the environment.

With this release, we give you back some of the Classic SharePoint functionality. What we have provided with our custom CSS field, we’ve now extended to custom scripts and the ability to add entire JS and CSS files. The input fields for custom JS and CSS scripts can be maximized, giving you the entire real estate of your screen while coding.

Load an entire framework if you wish to do so. The scripts will load synchronously, one after the other. Custom scripts (code added to the text area) load after the individual javascript files are added in the Additional Resources section. You’ll be able to use resources from “file X” inside “file Y” as well as within the custom scripts field itself. You should be cautious, however, in your adventures with these features, since Microsoft frowns upon directly affecting the page structure, which is why we kept our hands out of it ourselves.

BindTuning Theme Settings Panel

To further assist you, we’ve exposed the main colors coming from your customization, giving you easy access to the hexadecimal values and class names allowing you to set text and background colors directly from the panel. Beyond this, we’re releasing an article to expose to you the “guts” of your theme, with CSS classes as well as JavaScript objects to help you build the perfect solution.

Get the New Themes Panel NOW

The new settings panel is available now for all BindTuning themes in the Modern SharePoint experience at no added cost. You can start expanding your branding options by selecting our Essential UX plan for Office 365, that includes a theme of your choice.

If you already have a subscription, you only need to update your theme, following the detailed instructions in the BindTuning Help Center.

Embed YouTube, Vimeo and more into Office 365

Beyond MS Stream: How to embed all of your videos, regardless of where they are hosted, into your Office 365 intranet. Even for Classic SharePoint sites.

MS Stream has undergone some remarkable improvements, and given the new features Microsoft has rolled out, you gotta ask – will MS Stream fit my needs? Let’s look at an all too common scenario..

Kick Start Gym has a popular YouTube channel with hundreds of followers. They heavily promote their workout videos on the company website and social media. They also have a Vidyard video account, where hundreds of videos are stored and shared with their clients. Since they are using Office 365, they also use MS Teams and record the meetings and webinars with MS Stream.

They’ve invested hundreds of hours (maybe more) to upload, categorize and curate their video libraries. Integrating their YouTube and Vidyard content into their Office 365 intranet, simply makes sense. So, why not use MS Stream for this? It’s a powerful tool. But for volumes of videos already uploaded in external portals? Not the best solution, unless they want to upload them each individually again.

MS Stream PLUS BindTuning Responsive Video

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then the latest version of Responsive Video Web Part is responsive to your needs! The best solution for Kick Start Gym (and possibly for you, too) is a combination of MS Stream and BindTuning Responsive Video.

MS Stream is the perfect choice for meetings, presentations, and webinars. The facial recognition, speech-to-text and search capabilities are extremely powerful. But with BindTuning Responsive Video you can embed existing video content from any number of external video providers like YouTube, Vidyard and more. Plus, if you are using Classic SharePoint, Responsive Video Web Part links to your MS Stream videos, too. Currently, there is no web part for MS Stream videos for Classic SharePoint. All of your video content in one place for any and all versions of SharePoint.

Responsive Video Web Part

BindTuning Responsive Video Web Part is compatible with all versions of SharePoint and supports these Video Portals and File Formats:

  • Brightcove
  • MS Stream
  • Panopto
  • Video Portal
  • Vidyard
  • Vimeo
  • Vzaar
  • Wistia
  • YouTube
  • PLUS Mp4 and generic file formats

Responsive Video and 15 other feature-rich web parts are included in the BindTuning Enterprise Intranet Plan(s). They include customizable and brand-able themes, our comprehensive web part bundle, pre-configured industry templates and the engine driving the deployment of all our products, Clutch desktop app. Dynamic, engaging intranet sites are deployed in minutes with no hassle, no coding.

Clutch: BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app – Your Top Questions Answered

Last week we delivered a live demo of our new BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app, Clutch and templates.  If you missed our session, no worries – you can watch it on our YouTube channel.  We received a few questions about the new release and well, here they are with our responses.

Your Top Questions (UPDATED: August 30, 2018)

Questions about Clutch

I have a web part subscription. Is Clutch Provisioning Engine included in my subscription?

The Clutch desktop app requires a separate subscription. We offer various subscription levels to meet your needs.

Does the Clutch Provisioning Engine subscription offer us unlimited use?

The subscriptions are priced per user, per tenant. You will need a license for each tenant where you want to use it.

Will you blacklist the Search Site & My Site?

We will blacklist My Site. We do not support My Site, but the Search Site may be supported in the future. We will look to the structure of other default site templates like the blog and if it makes sense we will add support for it in the future.

This is a great tool for partners. Will you offer a specific license for us?

Yes! We offer BindTuning Partner licensing for Clutch Provisioning Engine and templates.

Do I need to have active subscriptions for all of the web parts and themes included in the template?

Not necessarily. Any product included in the template that you do not have a valid subscription for, can be installed on a trial basis for 15 days.

Does the Clutch app run on a Mac?

The BindTuning Provisioning Engine relies on technology developed by Microsoft and it requires .Net and Windows 7, Service Pack 1 or above. The Apple environment does not currently support .Net or Windows 7.

Can I run the Clutch app on my mobile device?

The BindTuning Provisioning Engine app can be used on Microsoft compatible tablets, such as the Surface Tablet. The app does not currently support use on mobile phones.

How do I download the Clutch app to my desktop?

The app is available for download on Simply register/login to My Account to get started.

Questions about Templates

Which type of site collections support templates?

Templates can be applied to Publishing Sites and Team Sites (Classic). In the next release (currently scheduled for late September), an updated version of Clutch will also support Modern Sites.

Are templates applied to site collections, subsites or both?

Templates can be applied to the site collection site root or to subsites. Please note that Clutch will not create a new site collection – site collections have to be created before the template being applied.

Will the templates work on-prem?

For now, the BindTuning Provisioning Engine is limited to Office 365, but later this year you will see support for on-prem.

What kind of information does a template include?

Each Template includes the following:

  • Theme/masterpage – there is a reference to the theme/masterpage being used; if the template being deployed includes a theme, its installation is made beforehand.
  • Site Structure – all lists and pages
  • Content Types
  • Page layouts – In the next release of Clutch, you will be able to save your site as a template with custom page layouts included
  • Web Parts
  • Lists, libraries and its setting
  • Content – demo content is optional
  • Permission settings – In the next release of Clutch, you will be able to save your site as a template with your own permission settings
  • Workflows

Not Included:

  • Navigation – currently not included (due to a limitation of Microsoft provisioning mechanism)

Can I link templates together?

In the current release, you cannot combine multiple components or use only part of a template. In the future there will be an option to customize to that level of detail.

When will I be able to build my own template?

This functionality will be available in the next release of Clutch, currently scheduled for late September.

May I save an existing site as a site template?

As of today, this functionality is not available.

What is the plan for releasing new templates?

We currently have 13 templates (both industry specific and generic). We plan to release 18 more during Microsoft Ignite, September 2018, which will allow us to span several more industries. Please visit the Clutch Template Catalog to see what’s available and what’s coming soon.

Questions about Themes, Web Parts & Other Tools

We are a current theme customer, but we need a template. Do we need to use the theme that is included in the template, or can we apply our existing theme to a template?

In this initial release, you will need to use the template’s specific theme. There are styles that are specific to each theme. We have plans to enable users to select any theme and we also have plans to support the Seattle master page as well.

May I choose which web parts are to be installed as part of the template?

Web parts installed are always those included in the template.

May I add web parts to a site template?

After you provision a site using a predefined template, you are able to make any additional customization you need, including adding new web parts.

May I choose the theme used in a template?

In this initial release, you will need to use the template’s specific theme. There are styles that are specific to each theme. We have plans to enable users to select any theme and we also have plans to support the Seattle master page as well.

When web parts are updated does it automatically push out to the template with that web part in it?

Yes, if a newer version of the web parts is installed the sites built using the template will be automatically updated.

What about third-party tools such as workflows?

The BindTuning Provisioning Engine release 1.0 deploys BindTuning web parts, themes tools and any default Microsoft SharePoint tools and products. After installation, you can customize your intranet or portal in any way, as needed.

Questions about Installation

Do I need to provision web parts, themes and templates to each site collection in my SharePoint environment? Is there a way to deploy globally to Office 365?

Themes and web parts need to be provisioned to each site collection individually. However, Clutch provides the ability to do bulk installations, if you sign in as the tenant admin. This enables you to select the site collections in which you want to install and update the products.

What is the installation mode being use with Clutch? SPFx, Sandbox or add-in?

In the current version, we are only deploying the sandbox version. We will add support to SPFx products (themes and web parts) in the next release, currently scheduled for late September. The classic add-in version of the web parts will not be supported by the Clutch provisioning engine due to the manual installation steps involved in the process.

If we start using Clutch, what do I do with web parts I have already deployed through the app catalog? Do I need to remove them?

Sandbox web parts that were deployed manually need to be deactivated before the installation with the provisioning. SPFx products won’t require this step.

How much flexibility do I have when applying a template to a site/site collection? What is the correct order of actions?

The recommended order of installation is:

  • Choose template
  • Define the site/subsite in which I want it to be deployed
  • Choose pages to deploy (available late 2018)

If I apply a template on top of an existing site collection what will happen to the exiting content and configurations?

All existing content and configurations will remain the same. Typically, Clutch is used to create new sites. Although there is no content loss in the process we do not recommend
that you apply a template to a site with existing content.

What happens if something fails during installation?

The installation process automatically generates an error report and that information can be used to correct any installation related issues. For instance, if during installation, one product is not installed, the report will alert you so that it can be reinstalled.

For more information about the Clutch Provisioning Engine, visit

Pre-Release Demo Session – BindTuning Provisioning Engine

BindTuning SPFx SharePoint Office365 BindTuning Provisioning Engine

Spend more time delivering and less time configuring Office 365

The anticipation for BindTuning Provisioning Engine 1.0 has been overwhelming and we invite to join us for a live 30-minute pre-release demo session  where we’ll unveil  the new desktop app from BindTuning.

See for yourself how easy it is to deliver fully functional and richly designed intranets and portals. Integrated with Office 365, the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app provisions pre-configured web parts, themes, tools and pre-configured business templates automatically – without writing a single line of code.

Join us! Pre-Release Demo: BindTuning Provisioning Engine Desktop App

During the demo, we’ll show the power of the app by deploying a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Activity Hub for Office 365. Setting up your own GDPR Activity Hub can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. BindTuning makes it easy. With the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app, you can deploy every component of the GDPR Activity Hub – an open source starter kit in one single step.

Make sure you tune in to get a guided tour of the new BindTuning Provisioning Engine and see firsthand the speed in which our new templates can help you tackle your pressing business needs, such as GDPR compliance. We’ll answer your questions immediately following the demo, so you can get started with confidence as soon as it is released.

Wednesday, February 28th – 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM UTC

Save the date
Or join the live session here