2019 to 2020: BindTuning Moments in Review

We are a few weeks into 2020 and reflecting on 2019 – what a year it had been! Thank you to those who have kindly supported us during this past year!

Welcome to the new year, a new decade.

This is a monumental milestone and we at BindTuning feel the shift from what was, to what will be. We experienced rapid changes in 2019 and we see more of the same for this coming year. We are grateful to those of you who have kindly supported us during this journey. Let me touch upon a few highlights from the past year and then give you a preview of what we see on the horizon.


The year started off as usual, but the shift was already starting. Microsoft Teams adoption was about to explode, but let’s not jump ahead just yet…

We launched a revamp of our Provisioning Engine and several new and updated products, including Video Web Part, Social Feeds, Accordion Web Part, Stocks Web Part plus a brand new Modern UX that includes dark mode and advanced coding in-panel.

BindTuning New Theme Settings Panel

While we were busy coding, we made time for our community too. Our CEO, Beatriz Oliveira joined Ana Casaca, Jose de Mello, Ana Sanches in a lively discussion about the opportunities and role of women in technology at Building the Future, Lisbon hosted by Microsoft Portugal.
Building the Future

Beatriz also talked about Design, Branding and Customization of the modern workplace with Microsoft MVP Michael Greth as part of the European SharePoint Conference podcast series.

In February, we became a GOLD certified partner for Cloud Productivity and we announced it on our new Instagram Account! If you haven’t already, please follow us!

In early May, we took a breather to celebrate our 14-year anniversary. The team gathered at a beach-side resort in beautiful northern Portugal to celebrate, reflect on the past and plan for the future. Taking advantage of the team’s fondness for water sports, we literally took a plunge with a team-building activity aboard not one but two giant paddleboards!

Viana do Castelo

And then it was right back to work with three big events in May – SharePoint Saturday London, Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany and the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas where we announced the launch of our new Microsoft Teams apps and starter kits! Our #bettertogether campaign aligned perfectly with all the buzz about MS Teams and we gotta tell you, people loved our new socks.

BindTuning socks

A Busy Summer

By July, BindTuning, along with approximately 13 million other daily users around the world, was making the jump to Microsoft Teams and it changed the way we do business, both internally and externally with our partners and customers.

At Microsoft Inspire, we launched our deployment-as-a-service product – Automate365. Our partnership with third-party solution provider Storyals, opened the door for a new way for SI’s and ISV’s to automate deployments at scale and reduce the costs of delivering customized solutions to clients around the world.

Speaking of clients around the world, we grew our partner program in 2019 with 21 new partners, worldwide! And we were proud to have our products available on the Microsoft Appsource catalog, too.

Automate 365

The Record magazine’s summer issue featured our customer, Portugal brewing giant Super Bock, in a roundtable discussion about how they created a “future-proof” SharePoint implementation with our team from BindTuning, our partner DevScope and Microsoft Portugal.

The Record Magazine

Also in July, Beatriz Oliveira was again recognized as MVP for Office Development and also newly named the Microsoft Regional Director for Portugal. A big step for diversity and inclusion of women in tech!


New Beginnings in the Fall

Fall was spent providing much needed guidance on the role of Microsoft Teams and how to best configure the application for optimal usage in organizations. We kicked off a webinar series focused exclusively on Teams, helping our customers navigate the use of Teams and as part of that initiative, we joined Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist at Microsoft, Michael Gannotti, to talk about Easy Creation of Rich Microsoft Teams Templates for his Webcast series.

We travelled to Microsoft Ignite, where we attended a great session by Major Hospital and our partner Dell EMC Services on the amazing digital transformation they went through, which includes a new BindTuning-based intranet.

DellEMC Major Hospital

Also in November, we were excited to see Sogrape win Best Intranet at the European Excellence Awards 2019. We were very pleased to work again in partnerhsip with DevScope during this project.

Coinciding with our attendance at SPS Lisbon and the European SharePoint Conference, we launched a new beginning for our customers with a brand new BindTuning app that is propelling our customers into the new decade. A newly launched website, updated BindTuning app and subscription program all ensure our customers #dontgetboxedin.

BindTuning App

Looking ahead to 2020

One of the last events in 2019, set us on our path for 2020. A meaningful conversation about inclusion in tech with Beatriz Oliveira, our CEO and Dux Raymond revealed a commitment from BindTuning to turn words into action.

Diversity and Inclusion at ESPC

We have kicked off this new year, this new decade with an exciting commitment to make diversity & inclusion a reality in IT. This commitment is a top priority for BindTuning in 2020. As CEO and founder, Beatriz has personally committed to building tools to help people with disabilities perform at their best in their jobs, and not be limited by non-inclusive software. The workplace can’t be a place just for some. We have the responsibility to prepare it so everyone can play a productive part in the workforce.

Storyals content on Microsoft 365 learning pathways automatically provisioned to customers around the world

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Storyals that opens the door for refreshing Microsoft 365 learning pathways educational content and for a refreshing new way that content is automatically delivered to users.

Better Together with Storyals

Storyals Lite provides organizations with a new, modern way of educating employees on how to work smarter using Office 365. Their story-based training modules enable tech-savvy end users to quickly learn, adapt and optimize their experiences with Office 365 using rich, YouTube-like stories, not lengthy tutorials. Behind the scenes, Automate365 from BindTuning acts as the underlying provisioning engine, automating the delivery of this content to Microsoft 365 learning pathway, released yesterday in Beta Preview at the North American SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The resulting Storyals Lite offers exciting educational content for Office365 that is effortlessly delivered and refreshed, creating an optimal environment for user adoption.

The Full Story

Building upon content in Microsoft 365 learning pathways, Storyals Lite is a story-based tutorial solution that provides structured, experienced-based training content that is automatically installed and maintained fresh with new content. Utilizing a pre-populated SharePoint communication site, users have immediate access to all the Storyals Office 365 content with Storyals Lite. They can watch videos on demand, take quizzes, even attain certification in the product.

The delivery and maintenance of this content couldn’t be easier. Each Storyals Lite subscription is quickly deployed to Office 365 using Automate365. Not only is the solution effortlessly deployed across any number of site collections, but the administration of new content is automatic, with fresh content delivered in minutes. More than just the initial deployment, Automate365 guarantees that all future updates to Storyals are easily re-deployed across all their customers effortlessly, for an evergreen solution. To learn more about Storyals Lite, visit www.storyals.com. Read the full press release.


Automate365 is available now. Any third-party ISV solutions or custom scenarios such as Storyals Lite, can be provisioned to SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Office 365 using Automate365 by BindTuning. Automate 365 is a Deployment-as-a-Service (DaaS) where our expertise in understanding your problem areas, business workflows create a working solution. That solution is packaged, deployed and fully tested prior to going live as a finished template you can deploy over and over again. Third-party solution providers such as Storyals are excited to integrate this technology to automate deployments at scale and reduce the costs of delivering their solutions to clients around the world. End users such as Nokia, have been using the same provisioning technology to deploy hundreds of project portals during client on-boarding, in minutes. Each client portal adheres to their governance standards, meets their internal communication needs, but is customizable for each team, project. To learn more about Automate365, visit Automate365.io.

Join Us

Storyals and BindTuning will be hosting a live webinar to discuss the ways Storyals, utilizing Automate365, is able to support the deployment of their learning solution to Office 365 customers around the world. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Registration is free, sign up here.

Meet BindTuning Partners: Prosperi

We had the opportunity to speak to (and record) a few of our BindTuning Partners at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. With our BindTuning Partners Program, we are able to help clients around the world capitalize on their technology investments to strategically transform their intranet into a dynamic modern digital workplace. Let us introduce you to Prosperi, headquartered in Brazil.

Leonardo Nogueira, CEO of Prosperi and Rogério de Souza Murari, Chief Project Officer of Prosperi

Prosperi is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their end-to-end Project Management Lifecycles, to drive business results for the modern workplace. Headquartered in Brazil and with an office in the United States, Prosperi is positioned to serve the needs of multi-national corporations. An award-winning Microsoft Partner, Prosperi solutions are based on the proven Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) platform and have been developed and stress-tested based for hundreds of clients since 1993.

“BindTuning helps us accelerate user adoption by using UX on SharePoint and the project online. BindTuning products are really quick to implement and customers like that because the ROI is so good.”

Leonardo Nogueira, CEO Prosperi on the BindTuning Partnership

Learn more about the BindTuning Partner Program.

Prosperi (Brazil)
End-to-End Project Management Lifecycles
Microsoft Gold Partner: Collaboration and Content, Portfolio and Project Management
Microsoft Silver Partner: Cloud Productivity
Microsoft Partner of the Year in Latin America for Portfolio and Project Management (2012, 2017, 2018)
Microsoft Worldwide Finalist in the category of Portfolio and Project Management (2012, 2017, 2018)

BindTuning Partner Awards 2018

On Sunday, July 15, 2018 we held our very first BindTuning Partner Awards 2018 ceremony at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Our awards ceremony coincided with the first night of Microsoft Inspire Conference. We are excited to introduce you to our TWO (yes, two!) winners this year:

Dell EMC: BindTuning Partner of the Year ’18

One of the world’s largest food companies – Tyson Foods – struggled with several legacy intranets on various versions of SharePoint. With over 114,000 employees in hundreds of offices and facilities worldwide, their intranet was not widely used, was out of date, did not include any social presence, and was definitely not mobile friendly.

Dell EMC partnered with BindTuning to successfully deliver a solution where the cost and time to deploy was significantly reduced versus traditional intranet deployment models. Utilizing BindTuning themes and web parts to offer a lower cost, time conscious way to deploy a feature-rich intranet revolutionized the way in which the large multinational worked.

The Tyson Foods Intranet was not only featured at Microsoft Ignite 2017, but also won Best Intranet Solution for User Experience, Design & Content Management at Intra.NET Reloaded in Boston, earlier this year. Read the Tyson Foods Case Study.

Dell EMC Awarded as BindTuning Partner Of The Year 2018
Dell EMC Awarded as BindTuning Partner Of The Year 2018

For the complexity of the client challenge, the comprehensiveness of the solution and its business impact, along with the partners’ technical ability and understanding of BindTuning UX Framework, DELL EMC was awarded 2018 BindTuning Partner of the Year Award.

Happy Wired: BindTuning Modern Digital Transformation Of The Year ’18

Since 1750, Finlays has been a premier supplier of tea, coffee and natural ingredients for the global beverage industry. With a global network of locations, Finlay operations span across plantations, extraction, trading and sourcing, R&D, packing and customer support. By mid-2017, Finlays was done struggling with siloed employees and shadow IT due to a poorly implemented and adopted SharePoint Intranet. No central communication across the group and individual departments resulted in non-standardized systems and ways of working.

Happy Wired delivered a departmental team site template based on products from BindTuning. The new team site provided a standard, central focal point for carrying out daily tasks, including document management, calendar, links, profiles, and a news solution. Each department could customize their site to meet their needs while ensuring that all files and relevant work was stored within the enterprise. Happy Wired configured BindTuning components and integrated BindTuning products with other applications, namely Microsoft Flow. The end result resulted in a comprehensive solution that improved the usability for Finlay end users with a widespread impact on security, governance, flexible working, communication and management.

Happy Wired - 2018 Modern Digital Transformation of the Year winners
Happy Wired – 2018 Modern Digital Transformation of the Year winners

Because of the successful project at Finlays, as well as for their enthusiastic engagement as a BindTuning Partner throughout the year, Happy Wired was awarded 2018 Modern Digital Transformation of the Year.

We would like to thank all of our partners, especially the following runner-ups:

Learn more about the BindTuning Partner Program.

Meet BindTuning Partners: Hermec Solutions, S.A.

We had the opportunity to speak to (and record) a few of our partners at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. With our BindTuning Partners Program, we are able to help clients around the world capitalize on their technology investments to strategically transform their intranet into a dynamic modern digital workplace. Let us introduce you to Hermec Solutions, S.A. headquartered in Panama City, Panama.

Carlos Mendoza, CEO of Hermec Solutions

Over 15 years of experience in project planning, execution web application analysis, Hermec Solutions is a leader in Central America for design and development in SharePoint, Project Server, and mobile software development. Hermec Solutions creates an interactive friendly workflow interface along with existing applications, providing you with an efficient and valuable solution.

“We have more than two years making beautiful intranets with BindTuning. Before we had to invest a lot of time with the designing. We can make the implementation for design much faster and it has been great.”

Hermec Solutions on the BindTuning Partnership

Learn more about the BindTuning Partner Program.

Hermec Solutions, S.A. (Panama)
Specialized in IT Managed Services and Systems Integration
2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year – Collaboration and Content LATAM (Latino América and Caribbean)