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João Ferreira is a SharePoint developer currently working at BindTuning as SharePoint Team Lead. With a degree in computer science he has been working with SharePoint over the last five years, mainly focused on branding and user interfaces to provide a better UX to SharePoint users. Tech enthusiast he loves to share his knowledge, author of two blogs, HANDS ON SharePoint and HANDS ON tek he is also a regular contributor at the European SharePoint Conference blog.

How to add Google Analytics to SharePoint without modifying the master page

Mainly targeted to public sites, Google Analytics can also be used to monitor your SharePoint or Office365 intranet. It will not only help you understand if employees are using the company intranet but also how they are using it and [...]

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Can you still use SharePoint Sandbox Solutions in 2017?

The answer is yes, but…not with all situations and not all types of sandbox solutions. SharePoint sandbox solutions were introduced with SharePoint 2010 and provided a mechanism to execute code outside of the ISS worker process. The [...]

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Create a modern breadcrumb navigation in SharePoint

Breadcrumb navigation was available by default on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 but with the introduction of SharePoint 2013 it was removed and until today it wasn’t reintroduced. Today I’m revisiting one my most read articles. Back in [...]

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How to solve the most common issues on SharePoint Designer

If you work with SharePoint, you’ve probably realized that SharePoint Designer is one of your best allies but it is still a bit temperamental and it sometimes just refuses to work properly. In this article, we’ll cover [...]

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Get Ready for the New SharePoint Framework

The new SharePoint Framework, announced on May 4th, introduced a new model for developing SharePoint web parts that are radically different from its predecessors. SharePoint development previously required a specific environment, with SandBox and Farm web parts [...]

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